Social support and religiosity to psychological well-being between Indonesian students and Malaysian students

Nur Eva, Nur Hidayah, Pravisi Shanti, M. Khairul Anam & M. Iqbal Fakhrul Firdaus
State University of Malang, Indonesia

Copyright. 2020. Psychreg Journal of Psychology
ISSN: 2515-138X
Psychological well-being

refers to positive mental health for college students, but the psychological problems of college students cause decreased psychological well-being.
Numerous studies indicate social support and religiosity are essential for maintaining psychological well-being for university students. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of social support and religiosity on psychological well-being between Indonesian students
and Malaysia students. The method used is quantitative correlational. The sample was 350 students from the State University of Malang and 220 students from the University of Malaya. Data were analyzed by regression. There are differences in influence social support and
religiosity between Indonesia students and Malaysia students. The psychological well- being of Indonesia students influenced social support than religiosity and Malaysia students aren’t by both. Thus, social support is more needed by Indonesian students to improve psychological well-being.
Keywords: psychological problems; psychological well-being; religiosity; social support; wellbeing